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This piece is an ode to powerful phenomena enacted in scales unseen - particle collision and sexual conception.

Yang depicts the bound particle system colliding and creating far more than the sum of their parts - the elementary particle interacting to form living cells interacting to form human beings. This piece is a distilled self portrait, paying tribute to the miracle that life emerged from seeming chaos from the smallest to largest scale.

Yang’s work reveals the aptness for our physical reality to form a language of mathematical patterns that holds metaphor. The micro and macro-cosms of each drawn element echo with analogous geometries. In this piece the, the sperm’s huddle around the circular egg echoes an eclipse, revealing that our own reproductive cells and celestial bodies both formed as spheres, bodies that minimise the surface area per given volume.

This piece is itself, then, its own space unbounded by any particular sense of scale, absurdifying the referential scale in which we exist as humans.

printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Bamboo

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