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This self portrait is an expressive representation of the facial and emotional downturn.
The pliable skin quality is made sinuous with dynamic strokes, carrying a vibrational animated quality. The only exception to this style is in the mattified teardrop, solid in a way that contrasts the otherwise morphing nature of the face, drawing the eye to the tear as an immutable ornament or jewel.
Drawing exaggerated features too large for the art piece’s boundaries, Yang has created a moment that has crystallised the out-of-proportional feeling of melancholic outburst, one that feels claustrophobic, larger than life.

Yang comments:
Capturing Asian features in full emotionality has been an important practice for me, to channel and embrace my own grieving, as well as to create permission for vulnerability to be expressed in Asian culture, one that quietly and dutifully carries intergenerational trauma.”


Kaixi Yang
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Bamboo